Sally has created the Sally Ant range to provide a high quality, 100% natural skin care for an affordable price. Her products are inspired by all her favourite ingredients & essential oils that she has used for many years & has designed the elegant packaging to reflect their quality. Most of them contain certified organic ingredients & all are free from parabans, synthetic fragrances, damaging sulphates & petrochemically derived ingredients; and are animal testing free.
She has blended her creams with 100% pure essential oils to enhance the benefits to both skin & our sense of well being.


As our skin is the body’s largest organ it is vitally important that we are careful to only use cosmetics that are free from synthetic chemicals. What we apply to our skin or hair is well documented to be absorbed by our skin and ends up in our bodies. We are bombarded with new chemicals in our foods, toiletries, cleaning products & even our home furnishings. Sally Ant aims to provide safe, natural and beautiful skin care products that help to minimise our contact with damaging chemicals.
The packaging has been designed to be reused or easily separated for recycling.


The business “Sally Ant” grew out of a research project as part of Sally’s visual art’s practice. She is an environmental installation artist & shows work both in Australia & internationally. From a long standing interest in herbs, natural remedied & a commitment to using alternative medicine she has combined these passions with her background in art and design to create the Sally Ant range.

The Humble Ant

“Many people ask me about the ant connection, I have a great deal of respect for ants & their contribution to balancing our eco systems, thus I incorporated ants into my logo as I hope to echo their practice into the basis of my product range; skin care without damage to our bodies or the environment” Sally